About Us





 Our Mission


BLE Connects People to God’s Greater Purpose in their Work.



 Our Vision


Our Vision is to see a growing, cohesive group of people in the workplace being equipped
as effective ambassadors for Christ.



Our Strategy


Connecting - Teaching people how they can connect with God in their work


Consecrating -  Showing people ways to consecrate all their work to God


Commissioning - Empowering people to represent God respectively in their work




  • We believe that God will be glorified by a growing, cohesive group of workplace Christians who are being equipped as effective ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace (2 Corinthians 5:20).


  • We believe that God is honored when men and women blend Biblical principles into their careers (Colassians 1:28-29; James 1:22) and establish a lifestyle of serving others (Mark 10:45).


  • We believe that God will be glorified when growing disciples verbalize and live out their faith while serving in the marketplace (Colossians 4:5; Matthew 5:16). 


  • We believe that the application of scriptual principles results in a lifestyle that is obedient to God in every workplace setting. Such a lifestyle will seek to follow God's Word as the standard in every career as well as personal life, will be dependent upon Christ through prayer, will be Christ-like in love and concern for people, and will be a light for others to come to know Jesus Christ.



Core Values


  • Collaboration for the Kingdom

  • Learning as we serve

  • Unyielding commitment to the Word of God

  • Vision Driven Motivation

  • Integrated, Incarnational life



BLE helps Christians in the workplace to apply scriptural principles in their occupations and personal lives 

through one-to-one discipleship, mentoring, and small group studies. We challenge Christians to honor God  

and to be accountable to him in the marketplace and at home (Matthew 28:19; Ephesians 4:12, 13).




P.O. Box 781148

San Antonio, TX 78278



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