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About BLE

How did BLE get started?

Is BLE affiliated with a bigger ministry or organization?

How is BLE funded?

What would a BLE program in my place of business or church look like?

How can I have a faith friendly environment in my workplace?

How can I give to the ministry of BLE?


Small Groups

What is the first step in offering a BLE program at my office?

What is the ideal group size?

Do you suggest co-ed groups or single gender groups?

Who should I invite to join our BLE small group?

How do we decide what to study at our meetings? Do you have recommended studies that will meet the diverse needs of a work-based group?

Is there a cost involved?

Where are they held?

When are they held?

How long do they last?

Do I have to lead it or will BLE provide a leader?

How do I become a small group leader?

Why should I attend a BLE small group?


What is the ideal group size for a seminar?

Where are seminars held?

What are the topics available?

How much does it cost?

When are they held?

How long do they last?

How do I bring a seminar to my small group/work place/other?

Who will lead the seminar?

Why should I attend a BLE seminar?

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