Financial Statement

 Foundational Philosophy 


BLE is accountable to God and to those who invest in it for conducting a scripturally-based ministry, including financial management based on Biblical principles.



 Receiving Funds 


The ministry of BLE belongs to the Lord, not to any person or group.  We are stewards, not owners.  Our investors give “as unto the Lord” and we receive “as from the Lord”.


Each Christian should be committed to support financially his local church, and to support other ministries as he is led by the Spirit.


Fund raising efforts, conducted only to meet basic operating needs of the ministry, consist of giving appeals that are clear, sensitive, low-key and yet non-apologetic.


All gifts to this ministry are tax deductible, but we encourage a higher motive.  Investors should give because of their love for God and their desire to see the business and professional community become better equipped as Ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace.


BLE does not borrow any money.  BLE fees for services are set to make the ministry available to as many as possible.


 Spending Funds 


Annual budgets are developed and approved by the Board of Dirctors.  They are designed to utilize only those funds provided by the Lord.


Strict internal controls, including a structured review and approval process, ensure the propriety of all expenditures. Conservatism and excellence are key objectives in managing BLE finances;  extravagance in any area is avoided.




All BLE financial activities are open to public scrutiny, and financial reports with full disclosures are available for inspection.

P.O. Box 781148

San Antonio, TX 78278


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