BLE’s weekend seminars are great for short conferences and church retreats and help business people and their spouses “go deeper.” You can help bring these seminars to your area:


Develop a written plan for implementing a career philosophy


When you perform your job with excellence, you’re able to fulfill the calling of an ambassador for Christ. The Bible encourages such excellence and reminds us that God will help us as we pursue it. God values excellence. We should too, even when it’s hard to attain.


You will learn to Live a life of excellence, Develop a career philosophy, Challenge and encourage others, Resolve conflict, and Live a life of service

Develop a written plan for implementing a financial philosophy


The Bible challenges Christians to honor God with their finances. This seminar will demonstrate why financial matters are important and how Christians can obtain financial freedom.


You will learn about The theology of money, Making your money work for you, God’s purposes in finances, How to get out of debt — and stay out, Factors of financial freedom, and Developing a practical spending plan.

 Learn to walk out of darkness and into God’s light


Are you walking in darkness? God made us to walk in the light. How do we walk out of darkness and into God’s light? By looking at our heart and exposing it to God’s Word so he can reveal the hidden sins that keep us in bondage to darkness and set us free to walk in the light.


You will learn about God’s purpose for your life, God’s power for your life, Intimacy with God, and Freedom from darkness. 

Marketplace Excellence

Develop a written plan for implementing a life philosophy


Fulfillment is more than education, marriage, family and work. So what is true fulfillment? Find answers to this central question.


You will learn about Investing your life, Work as a spiritual endeavor, Being a “marketplace ambassador”, Balancing your time, True success, Self-control in work and wealth, and Developing a life philosophy.

Your Life
Light vs.
The Christian Work Ethic

Learn how to fit your work ethic into your life and career


The marketplace is a tough place for a believer to apply a Christian work ethic. Professionals are confronted with an eroding standard of living on the one hand and increasing materialism and workaholism on the other. Learn how the Christian work ethic can fit into your life today.


You will learn about The origin and nature of work, Dealing with greed, Dealing with envy and complaining, The importance of accountability, Confronting workaholism, and A Godly attitude toward money.

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