There are no tales told about sailing smooth seas. I am puzzled by the response of many Christians when they face adversity. They seem surprised and struggle to understand why what is happening is happening to them. They wonder if they have fallen out of favor with God and are in some way being punished or judged. I find that to be a curious response. It isn’t as if the Bible keeps us in the dark about that fact that we will face adversity. Consider just a few passages: Job 5:7 Man is born for trouble. As sparks fly upward; Matthew 6:34 Each day has enough trouble of its own;John 15:20 Remember the word I said to you, ‘A slave is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me they

Preach the Gospel to Yourself

Do you remember the first time the Gospel message gripped you? I recall how unbelievable it seemed. For me, it felt like the Holy had healed the unholy. The guilty was now without guile. I am thankful that the Gospel is not just a message for the “lost”. The Gospel message is also for the “found”. The Gospel was never meant to just lead me one time to the Savior. The Gospel is to lead me every day to the Savior. The Gospel is for the here and now – for life in the present. The Gospel means “Good News”. I need to hear the Good News. I need to hear the Good News everyday…I need to preach the Gospel to myself. I unfortunately experience periods of time where my mind re-plays messages

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