Evil has a plan for your life. Evil has schemed against you in your past, is working against you in the present and fully intends to harm you in the future. There may have been times when you have felt the darkness of evil’s presence. And yet in our day to day lives, it is easy to be unaware and oblivious to evil’s intent and existence. Unfortunately, such oblivion does not negate evil’s virulent impact in our lives. Evil’s plan is to hurt and to harass you…to haunt and to harm you. Evil wants to embitter and enslave you… to damage and degrade you. Evil intends to scare you and scar you… to blame you and to mar you. Evil is like a shadow that follows us throughout our lives. The shad

Any Holes In Your Armor?

"That is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies" Joshua 7:12a Battle commanders want to know the vulnerabilities of their enemies. Companies want to know the vulnerabilities of their competition. We also need to know our spiritual vulnerability. This is the message God told Joshua when he attempted to go against a small army at Ai, which was the Israelites' second battle in the Promised Land. Sometimes we try to figure out why we are not successful in an endeavor from the natural only. We look at all aspects of our performance to see what went wrong. Perhaps our strategy was flawed or our timing was off or our pricing was wrong. For the people of Israel, it was not easily see

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