BLE Appoints New Executive Director

by David Ballard, BLE Board President It’s been 8 months since Phil Tolbert passed and BLE has been without a full-time Executive Director. Before his passing, Phil exhibited a renewed energy and focus for BLE. He was excited about opportunities and engaged in working with the board to take the ministry forward in new and exciting ways. I miss him greatly and think about him often. In the weeks following Phil’s passing the board put together several teams to help broaden a discussion about the future of BLE. One of those teams the board put together was a “Transition Team” whose initial primary task was to assist the board in the search for a new Executive Director for the ministry.

Who's in Your Jury Box?

People pleasing…does it ever stop? I’ve been a Christian for over forty years and the internal pressure to say and do things to gain others' approval still persists. While being affirmed by others or earning another’s respect is a blessing, people-pleasing is not. We only have one real Judge and it’s not anyone in on this earth. Yet, I’ve noticed my tendency to fill my life with “jurors” who I easily empower to determine my sense of worth. Almost unknowingly, I can fill up an internal “jury box” with people I’ve appointed to appease or gain approval from. Having such “jurors” supplants God as Lord of my life, as others' looks, words or even their silence preside over my priorities and

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