The Power of "Avodah"

...present your God, this is your true worship." Romans 12:1 (CSB) "Avodah" is a Hebrew word. It appears over 400 times in the Hebrew Scriptures (including its verb form “avad”). In some places, it is translated as “work” or “service”. In other places, it will be translated as “worship”. Avodah is God’s picture of an “integrated life” where work and worship are a seamless experience. We don’t “go” to church on a certain day and then “go” to work on another day. God intends for work to be an expression of worship. Notice how interchangeable “avodah” (i.e. work and worship) are used in the Sc riptures. Exodus 3:12 - “When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will wo

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