Preach the Gospel to Yourself

Do you remember the first time the Gospel message gripped you? I recall how unbelievable it seemed. For me, it felt like the Holy had healed the unholy. The guilty was now without guile. I am thankful that the Gospel is not just a message for the “lost”. The Gospel message is also for the “found”. The Gospel was never meant to just lead me one time to the Savior. The Gospel is to lead me every day to the Savior. The Gospel is for the here and now – for life in the present.

The Gospel means “Good News”. I need to hear the Good News. I need to hear the Good News everyday…I need to preach the Gospel to myself.

I unfortunately experience periods of time where my mind re-plays messages from the past. These messages easily breed discouragement and despair. Instances of disappointment merge with memories and feelings of fear or shame are birthed. Martin Lloyd Jones diagnosed my problem when he said, “…most of your unhappiness is due to the fact that you are listing to yourself instead of talking to yourself.”

How about you? Do you listen to yourself or do you talk to yourself? If you listen to yourself, what are the messages you are listening to? My desire is for God to filter the internal messages I listen to. My desire is to tell myself the Good News. My desire is to preach the Gospel to myself.

I’ve cited below some of the Gospel message I have been preaching to myself.

The Good News is that God unconditionally loves me. He really does. He does not love me just when I do the right thing. His love for me is not based on my performance. He does not love me "in spite" of who I am. He loves me just as I am.

  • The Good News is that I have been adopted into His family forever. He is my Abba (my daddy). He will always be my daddy. He made me a part of His wonderful family. He is always watching me. My eternal relationship has already started and it exists in the present moment.

  • The Good News is that I am completely forgiven. Because of the horrible death that my brother, Jesus, voluntarily pursued on my behalf, my Father does not see one tiny spec of sin when He looks at me. The only thing he asks me to do with my sin is to confess it.

  • The Good News is that He values me. He doesn’t need me, but He values me. He knows me and is interested in everything about me (even the number of the hairs on my head). He has given me a unique personality, spiritual gifting and distinctive circumstances with countless opportunities to honor and glorify Him.

  • The Good News is that He is sovereign and His purposes will always prevail. He has had a purpose and a plan from the beginning and He is carrying it forth perfectly. He has amazingly woven my short life into the fabric of this plan.There is nothing that surprises Him or can thwart Him.What He promises He will do.

  • The Good News is that I am secure for eternity. While I will experience trials, hardships, disappointments and failures in life, my soul can be at rest and peace. The sufferings of the present will be nothing compared with the glory that I will experience in eternity.

And there is more Good News - what else do you need to hear when you preach the Gospel to yourself?

Something to Think About….

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