Heaven's Scale

Her face was expressionless during my talk. I suspected she was in her 70’s and she and her husband were much older than most of the couples in this group of Central Asian believers. I couldn’t tell from her eyes whether she was connecting with what I was sharing through my Russian language interpreter. However, once I finished speaking, she made her way to me and for probably 15 minutes wept as she poured out the burdens of her heavy heart. The Russian speaking interpreter tried her best to decipher and put words to the weight of what this woman was carrying. Her face was no longer expressionless as her tears testified of her pain. Though her frame was light, her heart was heavy. I wondered how long she had been carrying this load.

I was reminded from this experience, that what we see in someone’s outward countenance may not truly reflect the weight of what they are carrying in their heart. As you consider your life today, what is the weight of the burdens you are carrying in your heart?

Jesus has a penchant for heavy hearts. He looks for hearts that are heavy. Like a GPS tracker, he seeks out and zeroes in on the heavy hearted. What is heavy on your heart today? The Good News is that Jesus has the supernatural ability to unload the load of the overloaded heart. No matter what mess you find yourself in today, Jesus promises to unpack your burden. He offers that if you come to him, He will take whatever load you are carrying and lighten it. His plea is ... “Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”[i]

Unfortunately, many of us get used to our hearts carrying heavy burdens. Worry weighs us down and we start believing this is a normal way to live. We get comfortable with living uncomfortably. We get used to our hearts being overweight. Like a glutton for punishment, we don’t push back from the table of the tyranny of the urgent. We ingest second helpings of fear over work. We snack on worries about our kids. We take home “doggie-bags” of more duties to please others at church. The weight of worry causes fatigue in our faith. The result – our hearts become frayed and frazzled; our soul gasps for breath while we wonder what happened to God’s wonderful plan for our lives. God’s purpose and design for us was never to carry the weight we often subject our hearts to. Probably the number one reason believers experience shipwreck in their faith is a result of the weight of daily disappointments and disillusionments that accumulate in their heart over a period of years. Because of this, pastors leave pastorates they once felt called to. Ministry workers wear out and throw in the towel. Men and women who appeared to “have it all together” become entangled in addictions or affairs in search for some way to find life outside of their overloaded heart. As a result, the years of an overburdened heart leaves a shell of a once impassioned Christ follower who now just sits in the pew of a church with no fire in their faith, no love for the lost and no hope that heaven offers any real help to their current life. I’ve discovered that gaining weight is easy, losing weight gets harder with age (now I’m talking about pounds). My love for sweets and my diminishing metabolism have added inches to my waist and pounds on my scale Some months back, I started a program where I recorded everything I ate and drank. Wow, was that an eye opener. I realized how much in denial I was about my food intake. I got on the scale daily and over a period of a couple of months, I saw positive results. (Unfortunately, I saw those results evaporate after few out of town extended trips.). I’ve observed that success in battling weight loss is a day-to-day battle over an extended period of time. In a similar way, the battle for our overburdened hearts is a daily battle. God has and is fighting for your heart more than you can fathom. God has a scale in heaven in which he invites you to come daily and put on it the full weight of all that you are carrying. It’s a “come as you are” scale. No conditions are attached. On this scale, you can put all the weight of your worries and all the pounds of your pain. On this scale, nothing is to be held back. He wants you to pile it “all” on there. On this scale, there is no need for denial. On this scale you are invited to unload the full weight of all your anger and hate. On this scale, dump all your bad attitudes and bring all your bitterness, rage, greed and lust. It won’t surprise Him. God’s scale, is the only scale that pounds can be shed in an instant God’s scale is not a “shame on you” scale. It’s a scale to help you unload and deal with the weight of your guilt and shame. Even if you add more weight on the scale today, even the weight of our reoccurring failures it won’t be too much weight for God’s scale. It will never be too much. All the weight of what you have done, are doing and will do tomorrow, will never outweigh what Jesus Christ did for you. We must come to Him daily, with the full weight of all we are carrying and allow Him to unburden our hearts. God is the “Weigher of Hearts.[ii] Allow Him to weigh your heart and “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”[iii] When you get on heaven’s scale, He’ll show you what you need. Heed His voice – He’s calling you now “Cast all your weight on me.” For once you get on heaven’s scale, it’s an amazing mystery How He can take all that bothers you and set your heart so free. Because Your Heart Matters…Is it time to weigh in?

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