Investing My Life vs. Spending My Life

Article: Investing My Life vs. Spending My Life

Billy and Bobby were twin brothers. Both experienced recognition and advancement in their careers. Externally, both were considered “successful”. Yet their funerals were vastly different.

Billy’s funeral was a celebration of life, with a sweet mixture of joyful memories and heartfelt grieving. Family and friends shared powerful stories about how Billy had impacted their lives. He prioritized people over profits and valued serving others over self. He had made plenty of mistakes, but he was respected because he admitted his failures and sought reconciliation when needed.

Conversely, Bobby’s funeral was stoic. Those attending were there out of obligation, as many people really didn’t enjoy relating to Bobby. His life achievements were recognized - but absent were stories of personal impact on others. Bobby’s career had been more focused on his own needs and desires and not on serving others.

The difference between these brothers is that Billy had “invested” his life, while Bobby had “spent” his life.

“Investing my Life” Vs. “Spending my Life”. What does that really entail? Investing means to: “use a resource for future benefits.” Spending means “To use up, waste or squander”.

When Jesus called you and me into a relationship with him, he called us to a lifestyle of investing our life in the lives of others. Jesus teaches that our focus shouldn’t be about possessions or the accumulation of things, but rather on actually stockpiling treasures in heaven “Don’t keep hoarding for yourselves earthly treasures…Instead, stockpile heavenly treasures for yourselves that cannot be stolen and will never rust, decay, or lose their value.” Matthew 6:19-20 TPT An amazing spiritual truth is this: God allows us to use our temporal resources of time, talents and money to store up treasures in heaven that we can enjoy forever. One person said it this way. “Show me your calendar and your bank account…and that will tell me whether you’re investing your life or spending it.”

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