Small Groups


Small groups are the heart of BLE. Why? For Christians to impact the world, they must first impact each other. Christian professionals can learn to do this in BLE’s small groups by meeting and learning from one another. Studies now available:

Includes the book, Layman, Look Up! God Has a Place for You, and ten key memory verses.


Ch. 1 Investing vs. Spending My Life – How do we find true fulfillment in life?

Ch. 2 Investing as Ambassadors – What does it mean to be an Ambassador for Christ?

Ch. 3 Investing in the Word – How can you apply scripture practically to your life?

Ch. 4 Investing in People – Why invest in people?

Ch. 5 Investing My Time – A proper use of time reflects a balanced lifestyle.

Ch. 6 Work: A Spiritual Endeavor – Which is better, morning devotions or calling customers?

Ch.7 True Success – When your life draws to an end, will you consider it a success?

Ch. 8 Contentment – What does contentment look like?

Ch. 9 Work and Wealth – How much is enough?

Ch. I0 Developing My Life Philosophy – Everything in life filters through your life philosophy.


Includes memory pack with ten key memory verses.
Ch. 1 A Lifestyle of Excellence – Making the choice of excellence as a lifestyle.

Ch. 2 A Lifestyle of Serving – Serving is the foundation all relationships.

Ch. 3 Serving My Employees – How do I see those who work for me?

Ch. 4 Serving My Customers – If we serve our customers, profit will be a byproduct.

Ch. 5 Serving My Peers – How do we serve those we compete with?

Ch. 6 Serving My Authorities – Proper attitudes toward your boss.

Ch. 7 Challenging & Encouraging – Four steps to challenging, encouraging employees.

Ch 8 Resolving Conflicts – Conflict is a part of life; our reaction is important.

Ch. 9 Discovering Biblical Principles – Topical Bible Study method for future use.

Ch. I0 Developing My Career Philosophy – A spiritual approach to your career.

Learn how to fit your work ethic into your life and career


The marketplace is a tough place for a believer to apply a Christian work ethic. Professionals are confronted with an eroding standard of living on the one hand and increasing materialism and workaholism on the other. Learn how the Christian work ethic can fit into your life today.


You will learn about, The origin and nature of work, Dealing with greed, Dealing with envy and complaining, The importance of accountability, Confronting workaholism, A Godly attitude toward money.

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