Workplace Ministry




 What does it mean to be an Ambassador for Christ? 

An Ambassador for Christ represents God, serves in a foreign land (the world), will go home some day (to Heaven), and is here to deliver God's Message, and overall, is called to serve Christ.


 How do I build a Workplace Ministry at my place of work? 

Once you understand the call of believers to serve Christ in every aspect of your life, you should identify a Workplace Champion who will help you develop a workplace ministry team and assist you in starting and sustaining a work life ministry in your church. You will also need to define what a ministry in your workplace will look like, obtain the support of your pastor, and train believers for ministry in their work lives.


 What is the benefit of having a Workplace Ministry at my work? 


There are many benefits to training believers to be Ambassadors of Christ in their places of work. Believers will be trained to effectively live and to appropriately share their faith at work. Church members will discover a new way to be involved in ministry every day. Evangelism will be expanded into a relevant outreach where members are already sent. Workplace Ministry also allows members to be an encouragement to all believers in their call for ministry regardless of position or vocation.

 Why bring a Workplace Ministry to my church? 

We each spend a significant amount of our time each day in our places of work and have incredible, unique opportunities to impact each person we come in contact with for Christ. Our Workplace Ministry training provides the necessary tools to help you make the most of each opportunity you are given to reflect Christ to your coworkers and family.

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